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Hi everyone! I am Kavya, a Physical Therapist living in New Hampshire with my husband. I am a coffee enthusiast, avid reader, food photographer, travel fanatic, eclectic cook, chocolate addict, a proud supporter of shopaholics and a lover of all things pink and pretty!

I am based in India, but have had the joy of living in the United States for about two years now. I have created “Pretty Pink Roses” to write and share anything and everything under the sun that interests me while interacting with my fellow bloggers and readers who share the same interests as that of mine! Here, you will find posts about food, fashion, travel, my life happenings and much more.

My motto- Celebrate every moment of your life, this way your life becomes a BIG CELEBRATION!!!

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  1. Hi kavya, nice blog…name is pretty cachy….hope you keep this blog busy with more interesting recipes and fashion advises…hope to see ya soon! TC.

  2. Hi Kavya! I like reading your blogs. It would be great to know you more, if you can also share something about your professional and day today life 🙂

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